European Union explosives precursors regulation


Dear wholesale partners,

under the new Regulation (EU) 2019/1148 on the placing on the market and use of explosives precursors, replacing the existing Regulation (EU) No 2019/1148. 98/2013), we are obliged to inform you that products (i.e. oxidizing products for dyeing, discoloration and permanent hair ondulation) containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2, CAS No 7722-84-1) at a concentration of up to 12 %, which, according to the definition in this Decree, falls under "regulated explosives precursors".

Pursuant to Article 7(1) of this Regulation, we hereby inform you that all significant disappearances and thefts of explosives precursors, as well as suspicious transactions carried out by members of the general public, should be reported to the relevant national contact point.

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Article 9: Reporting suspicious transactions, disappearances and thefts

(1) For the purpose of preventing and detecting the illicit manufacture of explosives, operators and online marketplaces shall report suspicious transactions. Economic operators and online marketplaces shall notify such suspicious transactions, taking into account all circumstances, in particular where the potential customer acts in any of the following ways:

a) it is not able to clearly indicate the intended use of regulated explosives precursors;

b) does not appear to be familiar with the intended use of regulated explosives precursors or is unable to explain it credibly;

c) intends to purchase quantities, combinations or concentrations of regulated explosives precursors unusual for authorised use;

d) is unwilling to produce proof of identity or state his place of residence, or to prove that he is a professional user or economic operator;

e) insists on an unusual payment method, including the payment of large amounts in cash.

List of places where suspicious transactions, significant disappearances and thefts must be reported: