XML export

How to use XML export

By clicking on the URL that you received in the email you will find the catalogue and stock and price file 

The catalogue feed is composed of:

<ID> product ID
<TYPE> product type / eau de toilette, shower gel, body lotion etc.
<BRAND> producer / brand
<TITLE> name / title
<VOLUME> perfume volume
<SEX> sex
<NOTE> additional product information (for example: for dry skin etc.)
<SET> composition of set
<PICTURE> picture URL
<PICTURE_SHADE> picture URL of the shade (if the product has got shade)
<DAMAGED> damaged box (if it is damaged)
<TESTER> information yes or no
<SHADE> shade

The price and stock feed is composed of:

<ID> product ID
<PRICE> cena
<AVAILABILITY> availablity - out of stock / on stock

XML catalogue (pictures) is updated every day at 5 a.m.

XML stock and prices are generated hourly.

The catalogue is relatively large file, so I kindly ask you to download it only once a day.

In case this is not respected, we will be forced to deny access to the catalogue for specific IP addresses.

Stock and price file is generated every hour. We recommend setting the update on your side for each 10 or more minutes past the hour.

Thank you for your understanding and we believe that this will help us to improve our cooperation.
Please note that we provide only xml export, not technical support to the xml export.

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